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10 Nov 2016

BigBoysToys Street Fighter T.N.C-05 Blanka

I've loved the previous four Street Fighter sets in this awesome series by BigBoysToys. The super-deformed style of the sculpting and homages back to the original Street Fighter 2 arcade game make this a must-have for fans who stood for hours back in the day in the arcades!

Click the link below to watch my full review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

The artwork is the same awesome style and quality of the previous 4 releases in Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Guile. Love the design!

The extra pieces to attach to the electric storm are a little fiddly to get in place, but once all set up it's bloody awesome! Love the original sound effects from the game, and the lightup effect is very effective. The base, extra plastic pieces, Blanka's hair and eyes all light up nicely (see my video above that show's it).

The sculpting and paint app of the statue itself is every bit as nice as the previous releases. There's no bleeding in the paint app, and it really accentuates the molded detail in the pants and musculature.

Overall, this is one of their best releases in the line so far.  Really looking forward to Dhalsim and Akuma coming up next!

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