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11 Nov 2016

Transformers Masterpiece MP-11NT Thrust

It's been a while since MP-11NR Ramjet was released, and there was the major assembly issues with the shoulders that tainted many figures received by collectors. Luckily mine was OK, but I definitely hoped the new MP-11NT Thrust would have no issues.

Overall, it's another solid release by Takara, with no major QC issues on mine either. There are a couple of nitpicks after playing around with it a bit more though. But click through the link below to watch my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

The packaging is the standard TF Masterpiece style, which I still love. There aren't too many accessories though, but it's been like that with these MP-11 variants now. The price is certainly high, but we can only put that against the supposed "exclusive" nature of the release. I'm not totally convinced of its exclusivity, and it wouldn't really affect my purchase anyway. I had to have these official coneheads in my MP collection, and I believe they look the best compared to the other 3rd party options out there.

If you watch the video, you'll see the alt mode too, which is great (I forgot to take some alt mode photos!). People have complained about the looseness of the torso section that slides down to the waist. Mine was loose out of the box, but I simply pushed harder on the shoulders and the slide mechanism clicked into place and it's as stable as the other MP-11 variants (not the original MP-11 that has a very loose torso that does not click into place).

The main issue for me really is that I think the maroon coloured plastic seems to be a softer type of plastic that scratches and marks very easily. After I transformed into alt mode, sliding the torso section back down was rather difficult, and I ended up scratching the sides of the cockpit. It's not visible in bot mode luckily, but still annoying.

I actually prefer Ramjet, and since mine had no assembly issues, I actually think it's overall a better quality product than Thrust! It would be nice if both figures had more paint app for that extra premium feel, but I think most of the MP-11 figures lack paint apps in general.

Despite the plastic quality, I think the overall aesthetic of Thrust is just perfect from the G1 cartoon. And it fits in beautifully with the other Decepticon MP figures, just as you'd expect any of the MPs to all look like they're from a consistent series.

The 3rd party offerings are decent stand-alone figures, but just don't have that cartoon MP aesthetic. I think they're mostly too thin, with small heads and lanky proportions. With Thrust, I think the proportions actually look more natural in scale with the body. He does have the large kneepads, white face, and yellow eyes, but they're the reason he simply looks like he's stepped out of the TV screen! I love it!

And I love the little smirk he has on the face sculpt. I like those little differences rather than all the MP-11 figures have the same expression!

In the end, all I need now is MP Dirge to be released to complete my G1 cartoon Seekers, and of course the upcoming MP-36 Megatron release! The update to the photo above with those two will pretty much make me happy enough that I could stop collecting MP Decepticons! But hopefully they continue to make more characters from the cartoon through 2017 - should be an interesting year for sure!

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