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5 Nov 2016

Sideshow Masters of the Universe He-Man exclusive

When I first saw the teaser pics of Sideshow's new Masters of the Universe statue line, I loved the style. But I was trying to stay away from larger collectibles at the time due to space and funds. But after seeing more pics, and then the details of the Skeletor and Evil-Lyn statues, I just couldn't resist! I ended up using the free reward points that Sideshow was giving out during their recent Spooktacular to essentially give me free international shipping to Australia on this one, so can't complain at all!

Click the link below to check out my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. This thing is just beautiful!

The day it arrived I also received the new BigBoysToys TNC-05 Blanka set. It's always a good day when great things arrive in the mail lol :)

Everything is packaged fairly well within the usual foam protection, and all wrapped in plastic with desiccant. I have heard some reports that people may have received some with moisture inside that resulted in some paint defects, so definitely check over it carefully! Luckily mine didn't have any major issues that I was concerned about.

The exclusive version that comes with the Battle Axe has an edition size of 1250, of which I received 0776. I'm not too fussed with the numbering or edition size, but like PCS it would've been nice to have a certificate of authenticity or something to accompany the statue.

As I said, the exclusive comes with the Battle Axe, and it is an essential purchase with this statue! If it hasn't sold out already, head over to Sideshow and get the exclusive one!! The Battle Axe (and standard Power Sword) are both full made of metal, with some extremely nice sculpted detail. The heft is quite pleasing to the touch I have to say!

The base itself looks great, and is also quite heavy. Not sure exactly what it's made of, but it weighs quite a bit so make sure your shelves can handle it! The statue fits into the base with a metal rod in the left foot, and goes in fairly smoothly. Normally I actually prefer standard black bases, but on this statue the design works very well.

The sculpted details on the body, armour and costume are all well done for this. Luckily the head sculpt is not meant to resemble anyone, and the stylised look works well here. I don't think accurate likenesses are Sideshow's forte, so going with this style was a good decision!

The statue comes with a red cape, but I still haven't figured out how to put it on properly lol! And when I did try, the leather like straps actually left brown streaks on the statue which initially scared the crap out of me. But with that, there's no way I'd leave that on for any length of time in case it permanently stains the statue!

Despite the Battle Axe and Power Sword being metal, it's a shame the shield is only plastic. It is still painted very nicely, with a leather like strap over the forearm piece. Unfortunately on mine, one end of the strap that attaches to the shield was not glued properly. I'm waiting on Sideshow's response for a replacement, but they should be able to help me out like they have in the past.

The separate sheathed Power Sword is plastic, and attaches to He-Man's back with a magnet. Together with the Battle Axe, it makes for an amazing looking statue on display! Note that it does also come with an unsheathed accessory for when he is holding the Power Sword.

Together with the other statues, I think this new series from Sideshow look amazing. I really hope that they continue on and make all the core characters, unlike Pop Culture Shock that stopped their line without completing them. If they do that, this series could truly become legendary for Sideshow!

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