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3 Nov 2016

Transformers Masterpiece MP-31 Delta Magnus

Sorry, catching up on the website updates again! Here's my review of the MP-31 Delta Magnus release from a month ago! Click through below for the full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel :)

Loving the Diaclone colours! It really pops in bot mode that's for sure!

I'd even say the colours are better than the original MP-22 Ultra Magnus colours in bot mode. I love that they fixed the sprue mark issues on the forearms.

Still looks unfortunate from the rear, but I've minimised the weird look of the butt flap by folding it up lol. Luckily I never display my MPs from the rear! ;)

Looks pretty damn good in alt mode too!

And even better when loaded up with the other Diaclone MPs!

If you're a fan of Transformers history and understand why these homages to the original Diaclone figures exist, then you're going to love this release! I hope they continue the trend and give us more great repaints! :)

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