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19 Jan 2023

Figma Table Museum SP-056 The Thinker

Over the past year or so, I had been eyeing this Table Museum series of figures, because they just seem so interesting in their fun interpretation of the classic art or statues. So when Popcultcha here in Australia had their recent 20% off sale, I just couldn't resist getting one of each that they had in stock!

Click through below to watch my video review on The Thinker. It's a pretty nice start for me in this series of figures.

The packaging is nice and collector friendly, very similar to the standard of Bandai S.H.Figuarts releases. The range of accessories is decent to give you good options for dynamic and fun poses.

You can set it up to be in the original, iconic statue pose. The first head sculpt has the hole in the chin that allows the specific hand to peg into place. The feet also peg into the required spots on the base. Other than that, it's only just a matter of lining up the arms and legs in the right spot to mimic the statue pose.

It actually looks very nice in that pose. With a pretty accurate paint application of different shades of green, you could just leave it for a nice classy piece of art on your desk. But I doubt that's why many collectors buy these figures! The swap out torso and head sculpt are what change this figure into something a little different!

The swap out process is pretty straight forward except for the neck piece. It would've been much better if they had provided a second neck piece as well, because removing it from the neck peg is a real pain. I had to dip mine in very hot water to soften it, which then allowed for easier removal.

But once done, the figure essentially turns in to a regular human action figure, with all the nice articulation you'd expect from an action figure in this price range. You can certainly have a bit of fun and get him into some interesting poses!

For those collectors that like classic art or statues, then I think this Table Museum is just right for you! I'm definitely glad I got into the series because they make for great conversation starters when friends come over and look at the collection!

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