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15 Jan 2023

Hot Toys MMS612 Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike set

Any Hot Toys Star Wars original trilogy release is a good thing! Despite having the original Sideshow release of the Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike, I still had to get the new Hot Toys version!

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Scroll further down for some side by side comparison photos between the Hot Toys and Sideshow sets.

Nicely done packaging that is all very collector friendly as expected.

The new Hot Toys Scout Trooper definitely has far better proportions than the old Sideshow figure. Almost makes the older figure look a little comical! Despite that, there are pros and cons both ways, which I go through in my video review.

The differences for the Speeder Bikes are less more difficult to choose between. The paint application on the new Hot Toys is definitely better, but there are actually some sculpt/structural points that I prefer from the Sideshow version.

Either way, I think most fans will be pretty happy regardless which set they have. For me, I'm glad I have both, and the new one just looks great on its own with the Scout Trooper chilling out!

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