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20 Jan 2023

Figma Table Museum SP-145DX Tutankhamun

The latest release in this awesome Table Museum line of figures is Tutankhamun, and he is one historical figure that is just perfect for this series. Be it a more serious display, or a more fun approach, this figure has all the options.

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This Deluxe version comes with the golden sarcophagus and clear plastic stand. The core figure and head piece, base, and swap out pieces are the same as that in the standard release. For the extra cost, I think the golden sarcophagus is worth it, even just for that extra bit of playability.

The paint application on the sarcophagus and Tut's head piece is exceptionally well done. The gold has a beautiful hue to it, and the paint lines in the other coloured areas are clean with no bleed. The sarcophagus splits into two, and the figure with the head piece on can be fully laid inside.

The iconic head piece can be removed and replaced with a standard mummy headsculpt. The bandages are sculpted very nicely on the head and body, accompanied with a nice weathered paint application too.

Articulation is on par with the other humanoid figures in this series. It's a shame that the joints are a darker beige colour, which makes them stand out a bit more against the bandages. It would've been nicer if they were a shade lighter in colour to hide them better.

Regardless, the swap out pieces give some decent options to have some fun. Mummies rising from the dead is pretty much a given in any "Night at the Museum" dynamic display! 😂

There are a few more releases coming this year in this series, with the reissues of the Moai and Winged Victory of Samothrace. New figures for the Shakoki-Dogu and The Birth of Venus are also on the way later in the year. I'm really looking forward to seeing where they take this series!

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