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20 Jan 2023

Figma Table Museum SP-131 Terracotta Warrior

Not too many retailers seemed to have the Table Museum Terracotta Warrior figure in stock, so I was glad when I saw that Popcultcha had it. At 20% off in their recent sale, I just couldn't resist getting this rendition of some classic Chinese art in the collection.

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There's no backdrop included this time, but a few more weapons and a swap out pair of limbs. The swap out piece allows the figure to crouch down more naturally. It looks decent, and made me think about whether to get another one. In the end, I decided just on the one figure to pose with the rest of the Table Museum blokes creating a ruckuss 😂

The detailing in the sculpt is very nice, with great patterning in the face and armour. The paint application also gives it a good dirty weathered look. The articulation is a bit more limited this time around, compared to the other naked humanoid figures. But that's probably expected considering this one is decked out in armour. 

The accessories are decent, with specific hands that can hold the sword and crossbow. For any collectors that have the money to shell out for a whole army of these, it would look pretty imposing! But I guess that was their intent in the first place, being buried with the Emperor to protect him in the after-life! If you're into Chinese history or art, I think you would enjoy messing around with this on your desk!

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