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20 Jan 2023

Figma Table Museum SP-075 Vitruvian Man

Next up in the Table Museum series is the Vitruvian Man, the iconic drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. This is another nice release, although mine did come with one fault in the backdrop piece. Click through the link below to watch my review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

Packaging and accessories are similar to that provided with the other figures. This time, there is a backdrop that completes the representation of the drawing. There is hole made in the cardboard piece that allows the figure stand peg to poke through and attach to the figure itself.

However, on mine the hole was made in the upside down location, meaning the figure did not align with the square in the backdrop. So I had to poke a separate hole in the correct location as best I could to align the square against the figure in its iconic position. Luckily the body of the figure hides the incorrect hole when displayed.

The figure itself is very nice, with a great paint application and sculpt. The swap out torso and thighs essentially turns it into a regular human action figure, but the fun of this one is trying to use the four arms and four legs! The design of those is pretty ingenious and it looks and works well.

It does take a bit of adjusting to get the legs in a decent pose. They're not perfectly symmetrical due to the original iconic drawing, so they don't articulate in the same way on both sides of the body. But in the end, you can get him into some fun and interesting poses.

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