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20 Jan 2023

Figma Table Museum SP-086 The Scream

Another iconic art piece is transformed into an action figure in this representation of The Scream. The interpretation of the ghostly figure by Edvard Munch is another fun rendition, with a cool choice of swap out hands to poke fun at humanity's angst.

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This set comes with the iconic background painting, housed within a plastic frame that connects together. It's a little flimsy, but once put on the stand it looks pretty decent overall.

Capturing the iconic painting is pretty easy with the default hands that can be placed around the head sculpt. The paint application across the body and exposed head is pretty nice. Mine did have a fault on the head sculpt, with some weird blue paint seemingly splashed on top. Luckily Popcultcha will send me a replacement, so hopefully that turns out OK.

The body itself is not your typical action figure in humanoid form. There are various breaks in the cylindrically designed body that allow for it to bend in different ways. The base of the body even includes a magnet, so theoretically you could attach the body to a fridge or magnet board. However, I found the magnet to be very weak, and so it would not attach well and would slide down.

I think keeping it posed upright in front of the painting backdrop is the better way to go. Add to that, the swap out pairs of hands are a lot of fun. They come with a pair of peace sign hands as well as a pair that can form a love heart. So there's plenty of options to take the piss out of humanity and all its anxiety and angst 😂

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